Doggy Bootcamp  

Where "Pet Owners" become "Pack Leaders"

Welcome to Doggy Bootcamp 
Where "pet
become "PACK LEADERS"!

Doggy Bootcamp is not your average dog obedience course...  Think of it as more of a course in pack leadership! 
That's right!...P
ack leadership.  When you decided to become a pet owner, whether you realized it or not, you became part of a pack.

Dogs don't need "pet owners"... They need "Pack Leaders"! 

Dogs are pack animals...., and in the "dog world", there are only two positions in the pack..., the pack leader and the followers.  The moment a pack is established, the members instinctively begin to determine their positions or rank within that pack.  The question is...... What role are you playing within your pack?

Since we're dealing with dogs as part of human packs, in the human world, it is imperative that the humans establish themselves as the pack leaders.  Dog training, and the proper demonstration of leadership, is an essential part of helping your dog understand how to behave as part of a human pack.  ....And that's where we come in.

We started our Doggy Bootcamp
because of the increasing demand for quality educators for pet owners.  We'll help you understand how to use the principles of conditioning to create behaviors that you want, and eliminate behaviors that you don't want.

Currently based on the northwest side of San Antonio, you can join one of our classes, or contact us to create and schedule your own classes, in your community.*

Give us a call at: 210-845-5305, and see what Doggy Bootcamp can do for you and your pet!

Professional trainer and instructor for 31 years!

We train ALL dogs, Call for details!

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