Doggy Bootcamp  

Where "Pet Owners" become "Pack Leaders"


Hear what our clients have to say about Doggy Bootcamp:

I highly recommend Doggy Bootcamp to any dog owner, whether their dog has behavioral issues or not.

We had a great time and learned a lot about being the leader.

We wish each class could be 3 hours long.             

The info was absolutely excellent!  It was a great class, especially since this is my first dog ever.

I really liked that all family members could attend and how very dedicated Lucy and Clarke are to the students and dogs.  They always took however much time needed to explain/practice/teach.  We never felt rushed.  Clarke and Lucy, you were wonderful!  We truly enjoyed this class!

Thank you so much for understanding our dogs!

What I liked most about the class is the communication and demonstrations and the friendliness!

Clarke and Lucy were very patient with us "Parents" and stayed with us and helped us out-long after class ended (several times)                                                               -Eric & Crystal

What I liked most about the class is time to practice the commands, in class demonstrations with my dog showing it can be done.                                                                                

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