Doggy Bootcamp  

Where "Pet Owners" become "Pack Leaders"

About the trainers
Master Trainer/Head Instructor

Clarke Young Jr has been a professional Canine Trainer, Instructor, and Behavior Specialist for more than 30 years.  He specializes in training dogs to detect land mines, narcotics, and explosives.  He is also experienced in controlled aggression for police dogs and personal protection.  
Clarke began his career as a Canine trainer with the United States Air Force, training military working dogs. His unique approach includes a system that he has developed through years of research and personal experience.  He uses positive, dog friendly techniques that are easy to learn, fun to use, and very effective.

Clarke is known to be a very personable and patient instructor, with excellent problem solving skills.  He has a real gift for connecting with animals, and they respond to him almost immediately. After you meet him, there will be no doubt that you came to the right place to learn how to become a calm assertive "Pack Leader".

Administrative Assistant/Assistant Instructor
Lucille Young
has been Doggy Bootcamp's administrative assistant for the past 11 years.  She is also the  assistant instructor, and is the perfect compliment to the classes.  Since she started out as a pet owner, instead of being a professional dog trainer, it makes it even easier for the students to relate, and have more confidence in their own ability to train their dogs.  Lucille utilizes her experience and insight to ensure that each student receives the proper amount of attention,guidance,and information
to be successful.


Clarke has developed several programs, each designed to achieve specific results. His approach is not one size fits all. Some of Clarke's programs include:

  • Basic Obedience Training

  • Intermediate Obedience Training
  • Advanced Obedience Training
  • Behavior modification and Management
  • AKC Star Puppy
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Training
  • Canine handler course (Land mine detection)
  • Canine handler course (Narcotics detection)
  • Canine handler course (explosive detection)
  • Consultation and troubleshooting for detection dogs

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